• At a meeting of the league management committee and representatives of member clubs of the North Caledonian Football Association last weekend, matters ahead of the new season were discussed and the cup draws for 2019-20 competitions were made.


    The election of office bearers resulted in a change of roles for outgoing league secretary Iain Whitehead who has been appointed President of the Association. Joining the league management committee for the first time is Euain Penny (Orkney) who was appointed Vice President, while Sandy Stephen (Inverness) was elected as the new League Secretary. Niall Harkiss (St Duthus) was elected as Fixtures Secretary and Treasurer.


    Acknowledging a letter of application from Bonar Bridge Football Club, it was unanimously agreed that the club be accepted into the association and included in all competitions from 2019-20.

    The clubs who will hold full membership in 2019-20 were confirmed as follows:

    Bonar Bridge FC
    Bunillidh Thistle FC
    Golspie Sutherland FC
    Halkirk United FC
    Invergordon FC
    Inverness Athletic FC
    Orkney FC*
    St. Duthus FC
    Thurso FC

    * Orkney FC will not participate in the Football Times Cup

    Two clubs were accepted for guest membership of the Association for the purpose of playing in cup competitions:

    Nairn County FC (U20) – Participating in the Jock Mackay Memorial Cup and the North Caledonian Cup

    Lewis & Harris FC – Participating in the Jock Mackay Memorial Cup and the Football Times Cup


    The Jock Mackay Memorial Cup rounds were drawn as follows:

    1st Round:
    Inverness Athletic vs. Alness United
    St. Duthus vs. Bunillidh Thistle
    Bonar Bridge vs. Golspie Sutherland
    Orkney vs. Lewis & Harris

    2nd Round:
    Inverness/Alness vs. Nairn County U20s
    St. Duthus/Bunillidh vs. Halkirk United
    Bonar Bridge/Golspie vs. Invergordon
    Orkney/Lewis & Harris vs. Thurso

    Inverness/Alness/Nairn vs. St. Duthus/Bunillidh/Halkirk
    Bonar/Golspie/Invergordon vs. Orkney/Lewis/Thurso

    First round ties will be played on 31st August/7th September.

    The Football Times Cup will be played in a regional format, comprised of two groups - North and South. The winners of each group will meet in a playoff final to determine the winners of the cup.

    The bracketing will be as follows:

    North - Bonar Bridge, Bunillidh Thistle, Golspie Sutherland, Halkirk United, Thurso
    South - Invergordon, Inverness Athletic, Lewis & Harris and St. Duthus

    Each team will play two home matches and two away matches. Head to head record will separate clubs on the same points, followed by goal difference.

    Regional group matches will be played in November and December.

    The Pentland Ferries North Caledonian Cup rounds were drawn as follows:

    1st Round:
    Halkirk United vs. Bonar Bridge
    Orkney vs. Nairn County U20s
    Thurso vs. Inverness Athletic

    2nd Round:
    Halkirk/Bonar Bridge vs. Invergordon
    Orkney/Nairn U20s vs. Golspie Sutherland
    Thurso/Inverness vs. Bunillidh Thistle
    St. Duthus vs. Alness United

    Halkirk/Bonar/Invergordon vs. Orkney/Nairn/Golspie
    Thurso/Inverness/Bunillidh vs. St. Duthus/Alness

    First round ties will be played on 1st / 8th February.